Beer and Breweries
Beer and the Czech Republic are almost synonymous!
The term Czech beer resonates far beyond the borders of the Czech Republic. And for beer connoisseurs, it is synonymous with the best lagers in the world. After all, which beer connoisseur would not be aware of such brands as Pilsner Urquell from Plzeň and Budweiser from České Budějovice, Kozel, produced near Prague, or Krušovice from Central Bohemia. Beer is quite simply put a traditional alcoholic beverage in the Czech Republic, found ubiquitously. So much so that the most popular type of beer has emerged here – bottom-fermented beer of the Pilsen type, abbreviated to pils based on its place of origin – Plzeň (Pilsen). There are more than 400 breweries here, some large scale, which export beer worldwide, others small, with strong family traditions and a varied menu. Enjoy a good pint of beer in authentic Czech pubs, renowned restaurants, or go on tour directly to one of the breweries. And for those who want to enjoy this golden drink while engaging all their senses, the Czech Republic even offers several beer spas.